Worship Service with Holy Communion 10:00 AM

For our worship services on Sundays, we use the historic liturgy of the one holy catholic (universal) and apostolic Christian Church. The music is a blend of hymns and newer songs. We follow the church year calendar and use vestments corresponding to the church season. 

We believe this grounding in the tradition passed on to us by our forebears helps us to remain faithful and anchored to God’s unchanging Word and allows us to clearly and consistently hear the gospel message of grace and salvation in Jesus Christ.

The sound of children is the sound of life! We believe the best place for children is with their parents in worship, learning by seeing and doing. There is a nursery/parent room, available for really little ones if that works better for you, but we welcome your little ones.

Baptized believers are welcome to join us at the altar for Holy Communion. All others are invited to come forward for a blessing.

Eucharist Holy Communion Sundays St. John's Lutheran Church Barrhead